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Sunglasses Safe & Stylish

By now, we all know how important it is to protect our skin from sun damage, but how often do we consider our eyes? In a study this year, the Vision Council of America found that 40 percent of U.S. adults don’t wear sunglasses at all, and 44.7 percent of women don’t look for health- or safety-related information when purchasing sunglasses. Alarming stats, given that long-term sun exposure of the eyes can lead to photokeratitis, cataracts, […]


Bigger Frames with Stylish Range

Eyewear is now known as a fashion accessory. Styles are being updates every season to the varied tastes of its consumers. Bigger frames are still in style today. Square-shaped and aviator glasses are quite a hit. However, larger eyewear can be quite tricky as this style doesn’t necessarily work with most facial shapes. The idea is to carefully select a frame that wouldn’t swallow your whole face. These styles are great for exuding that aura […]


Are Designer Sunglasses Worth the Price?

Are you in the market for a new pair of designer sunglasses this winter? If you are looking for designer sunglasses but are unsure which brand name is right for you. Now you can finally have the brand-name “Shades” that complete your image, without paying high retail prices, and without spending hour’s online searching site after site. That’s because we’ve designed an online store where you can find all the authentic, brand name shades you […]


Oversized Terminator Sunglasses are Damned Cool

These ones got their name from the movie ‘Terminator’ because Arnold wore them then. Some also called them Aviators but these have more of a boxed frame unlike Aviators. The first time I watched the Terminator there were a couple of things that struck fear into my heart. The first was the line delivered by Kyle Reese…   “It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or […]


Ray ban Sunglasses – Never Hide

Ray-Ban Timeless shapes of Ray Ban Sunglasses have always been on trend and are never been out of fashion because it is always with quality, exceptional value, and style. Classic Ray Ban Sunglasses’ timeless shapes always attract clients not only of its high quality but also trendy style that does not only fit the oldies but the youngsters as well. Ray Ban Sunglasses on hand will always look good as well as work good for […]


Ray Ban Colored Mirrors | Summer 2014

Just in time to kick off the unofficial start of summer, it’s our pleasure to share with you Ray Ban’s latest offerings: Mirrored versions of their ‘ Clubmaster’, ‘Folding Wayfarer’, and ‘Plastic Aviator’. CLUBMASTER (RB 3016) Ray Ban‘s iconic and often duplicated Clubmaster frame (RB3016).  Crafted with a subtle matte havana and paired up with full-on mirrored lenses. Offered in two sizes 49mm and the new larger 51mm.     FOLDING WAYFARER (RB 4105) Ray […]


What Face Shape Do Wayfarers Sunglasses Fit Best?

Everybody wants to own a flashy and chic wayfarer, sported by their beloved celebrities over the world. The wayfarer sunglasses have a very rich and popular history amongst the crowds, and after a few years of anonymity, have emerged again as the most desirable pair of sunglasses for every man and women. The wayfarer style is now here to stay and become the evergreen chic design, which will add a distinct element of elegance and […]


Ray ban: Rare Prints // Cartoon Head

Ray-Ban is proud to present the RARE PRINTS special series. As you can guess from the name, these are no ordinary sunglasses. This special series collection combines colorful new patterns with the original Wayfarer design. For each Rare Prints collection, we collaborated with some of the world’s top print makers and asked them to design a poster inspired by a unique pattern. Those prints went on to inspire six one-of-a-kind films where the artwork come […]