Square Framed Sunglasses

Square framed sunglasses are characterized by angular frames that are equally wide and tall. Square-framed sunglasses are ideal for people with round, oblong, or oval faces. These sunglasses are popular for both men and women, round frames are best suited to gents with strong jaw lines, as circular lenses tend to have a softening effect. large square-framed sunglasses ruled the dance floor. Soft curvy styles will reduce the angles of your face and give you more definition such a cat eyes. Round frames and the cat-eye sunglasses work well with heart-shaped faces. You should consider yourself if you have oval-shaped face. It is considered to be ideal as any style of sunglasses suits this face shape. Round or square shapes will look great on this face. Frames with short horizontal and long vertical lines also work. Decorative or contrasting temples add width to the face.

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