Sex and work mix for some

In a recent survey conducetd by “Business week” 64% of respondents from a group of 2500 employees reported having sexual fantasies about a coworker, 90% admitted to being attracted to their cowroker, 54% of respondents admitted having sex with their coworkers and 55% had sex with more than one coworker. About 18% stated their sex occured only once. While most of them don’t mind having sex with their coworkers, they don’t approve of sexual relations between superiors and employees. The survey indicates that 86% of respondents avoid sexual relationships with their superiors, while 35% of them would engage in sexual relationships with their superiors. In the majority of cases sex occurs in business premises. Three-quarters of respondents said that sex doesn’t affect their productivity, and 84% stated that having an affair has no negative impact on their careers.


Having sex at work can be pretty complicated, but also very exciting. While it is difficult to restrain yourself and think rationally when feeling passionate about someone, in this particular case that is exactly what you should do. The keywords for successful and pleasing sexual relationships on work is prudence and caution. You don’t want to be caught in the act by your coworkers or cameras and to become the center of office gossip. Moreover, it can affect your future career, relationship or marriage you are in. In order to have a pleasing and passionate sexual relationship at work some preparations must be done. You should allways keep in mind that your credibility can easily be compromised.



Your business relationship with other coworkers should not be significantly different from the one you have with your ‘special’ coworker. If you become more inclined to him/her, other coworkers might notice and speculation, which is never welcome, might start.


Your status

Whether you are married or in a relationship you should be very careful. Do not talk about your affair publicly. No one likes cheaters, especially if you’re having an affair with a married person. In this case everyone will blame you first.


Unofficial arrangements

Make sure you don’t use company computers, mobile phones or phones for your unofficial or personal arrangements. In this case your private email address or mobile number is the perfect choice. You never know to what extent does your company control the incoming and outgoing calls and emails, but be sure it controls them.



Avoid touching each other or exchanging tenderness in the hallway or the elevator where cameras are installed. You don’t need to be the entertainment of the office computer technicians.



If you want to have a quick sex in the toilet, choose carefully the less frequented toilet and the right time; the best and most peaceful hour is at lunchtime because most of your coworkers are outside the office.


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