THE QUESTION – To forgive or to leave a cheating partner?

You partner has cheated on you.

Now, there are no three options here; you can either break up the relationship or continue with it.

If you choose to break up, you might be miserable for some time, uncertain about your decision  and you might also regret breaking up. So, prior to breaking up an emotionally important realtionship, you should check if your partner really cheated on you and why he did so; the best thing is to talk openly and sincerely.

If this is not possible and your partner is in denial, you shuold dump him right away.

Only a regretting cheater deserves a second chance. Regret must include honesty.

There is no point of asking many or any question about the affair or blaming yourself for the situation.

You must look ahead and try to solve your problems in order to maintain a healthy relationship. If you can’t stop yourself from complaining then it’s time to let your partner go.

Complaining never did any good to any relationship.

So, first of all stop blaming yourself, stop complaining, stop being mean, irritated or unsure of yourself. These are no steps you should take in order to save your relationship.


You really should be as positive as you can be; try to change the things you know you did wrong in the past, try to listen more to your partner and to spend more quality time with him/her.

This is what you have to do, and he should try its best to fix what he broke.

Do not make things too easy for him/her and let him/her make an effort. Efforts are good.

If, on the other hand you realize that for whatever reason you can not forgive and forget there is no time better for ending this story than: NOW!

Go ahead and cry, crying is good for your health, then get the perfect new haircut, change the place of exit or just stay at home for some time and think about what happened and what kind of relationship you want to be in, and what kind of relationship you don’t want to be in and be brave.

Time heals everything!

Wasting your time on a cheater is a pointless time consumption.

You’ll surely meet someone better, someone worthy of your qualities and you will surely fall in love again.



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