First date: Tips that will improve your love and sex life

Planning out a first date can be quite a stressful thing whether you’re seriously interested in your date or you just want to spend some pleasant time with an interesting person.


Picking up your first date activity can be the trickiest part because you have to choose an interesting activity but not too demanding. You don’t want the date to turn into performing an activity. Choose an activity that allows communication which is essential on your first date. This doesn’t mean that sports or other social activities shouldn’t be considered at all; just the opposite, bowling, roller skating, ice-skating, amusement or water parks or on concerts, festivals, art exhibitions, theater or dancing at a club are indeed considered as best first date choices; they can always be very funny and interesting for both of you and through them you can achieve good communication. You can also choose a more romantic and intimate ambiance as a good restaurant, cafes or bars with live music, and a fully romantic ambiance and activities as walks in botanical or public gardens or parks, star gazing, walks on beach, picnics or even cooking together.

The most important first date rule is: If you’re a man be a gentleman, and if you’re a woman show respect for your date!

This means that you will be a good listener which pays attention to what your date has to say, not interrupting him/her with your stories. Also, you should turn your mobile phone off while on the date. We all know how unpleasant it can be when the interlocutor speaks more on the phone than with a person he’s with.

It is also very important to be honest in your communication; you  won’t do yourself any favors by lying; lies can ruin and damage the quality of your possible future relationship.

Achieve good first date communication by using some conversation starters focusing on broad topics about your date (favorites, interests, hobbies, school, job) or interesting current events and asking ope ended questions that require more complex answers other than simply ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

When it comes to you, it is important that you are relaxed and calm which will also make you more spontaneous and more yourself. It is also important that you dress comfortably and look fresh.

A pleasing physical appearance combined with good humor works wonders!

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