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Prada : The name that is always on our lips!


Prada sunglasses are the leading designs of eyewear at present. Ever dynamic, Prada designs always surpassed its counterpart in the field of optic technology. Pradas wrap around lenses and their signature designs of bold and pearly shades give Prada a distinction from other brand that can never be questioned. Prada? Yeah, it signifies prestige in eyewear craftsmanship.   Prada Designer Eyeglasses When Mario Prada founded his business in Milan, Italy in 1913, it made leather [...]


Jimmy Choo : Designer sunglasses collections for Spring 2016


Summer is in the air, which means your eyewear collection could be due an update. Jimmy Choo has settled a variety of sunglasses. His firm decision to purse a business in eyewear fashion is an indication of lucrative venture in the field of sunglass fashion. If you need high-performance eyewear that also looks great, Jimmy Choo designer eyeglasses are what you’re looking for. Designed for active outdoor lifestyles, Jimmy Choo offers wearers an ideal blend [...]


Show Your Style with Ralph Lauren Sunglasses


Ralph Lauren Sunglasses offers excellent quality that not only shows elegant style but also affluent success. With Ralph Lauren’s wide array of stylish designs and quality product it will not only shows ones good taste but as well as fashion forward thinkers character to never look dull or boring. Having Ralph Lauren’s Sunglasses is not only an experience but also a statement. For nearly 50 years, Ralph Lauren has been creating sophisticated, timeless styles. Ralph [...]


Comparing Ray-Ban Aviators vs. Ray-Ban Wayfarers Sunglasses


    With winter officially started, we’ve got sunglasses on the brain. And when it comes to buying a new pair, we all must decide: Wayfarers or aviators? Of course, this leaves plenty of room for debate and our editors are rarely quiet on such issues. It seems we have more Wayfarers fans than aviator devotees on the team, but where do you stand? “To me, there’s nothing more classic than a solid-colored pair of [...]


Are Your Sunglasses Giving You Wrinkles?


If dermatologists ran the world (or Bloomingdale’s), you’d only be able to buy wraparound sunglasses. But they don’t. And it’s not the ’80s. Thank God. But some shades can make your skin more vulnerable to sun damage—and others (OK, not wraparounds) offer extra protection. Don’t bring your aviators to the beach. I know, I know, it’s sad. But the metal frames on most aviators “reflect sunlight on the tops of the cheeks, causing them to [...]


Square Framed Sunglasses


Square framed sunglasses are characterized by angular frames that are equally wide and tall. Square-framed sunglasses are ideal for people with round, oblong, or oval faces. These sunglasses are popular for both men and women, round frames are best suited to gents with strong jaw lines, as circular lenses tend to have a softening effect. large square-framed sunglasses ruled the dance floor. Soft curvy styles will reduce the angles of your face and give you [...]


Cosmetics – what should we spend money for

  Cosmetic products we shouldn’t save money for and ones we can cheap about   Spend strong on:   1. Base and makeup If you want to look as if you don’t wear makeup you shouldn’t save money from bases and tones. Cosmetics, manufactured by prestigious companies contain pigments that fit the face more naturally, they have a wider range of colors and the products have different density depending on your type of shin. Furthermore, [...]


The fashion for white wedding gowns comes from Greece

Every woman dreams of this one fateful day in her life when she is to be a bride, wear a white dress and say “Yes” to the man she loves. Throughout the years bridal garments go through all kinds of changes. In the 15th century for example it was customary for a woman to get married in her favorite dress; there were no special requirements for wedding attire. During the Renaissance strange new ideas were [...]