5 Traits A Guy Should Have Before You Get Serious

Before a relationship is ready to take off, it is very important for that special person to possess a certain set of qualities.

One often judges chemistry by associating it with s physicality completely forgetting that chemistry is the union of the mind and the soul. Here are 5 traits a man must possess before you get serious:

1. He Must Trust
As cliched as it might sound, trust is the foundation of any relationship. It’s okay to be insecure and jealous every once in a while and who doesn’t love a level headed, protective man but it isn’t okay to be controlling. If he gives you your space to do your own thing without harassing you for trivial details and permissions, you’ve got a keeper.

2. And It’s A Goal!
Love isn’t just what you see in the movies. Also, love definitely won’t sustain you’ll in the era of inflation.  The most successful couples are the ones that are constantly striving for success. It’s extremely important for your man to have a goal and be ambitious, it’s okay if he takes time to get there but if he isn’t focussed, it isn’t going to work.

3. Mystery is History
In the initial stages of a relationship getting to know each other’s likes and dislikes keeps the relationship flowing smoothly. As time passes you by, you start to get really comfortable and that’s when you really get to know the person you’re with. If you are comfortable with the person he is as opposed to the idea of him when you met, hold on to him.

4. Considerate vs. Whimp
A man who cares must show that he does. If he remembers significant dates and events in your life without constant hint dropping, gets along with your folks and friends, give him full points for being adorable.

5. The Honest Cookie
Everybody lies but there’s a huge difference between harmless white lies and those told to intentionally hurt or mislead. If your guy is an honest cookie, half the struggle is taken care of right there. Reading your private messages, lying about his plans and lying about your friends is incredibly uncool. Steer clear of the liar.

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