5 Steps To Deal With Facebook Stalkers

We all have that one person that never gets tired of liking our posts, commenting on our photos and tracking our every move through our check in’s on Facebook!


Here are some things you can try to get them to stop stalking you on Facebook:

1. Be Honest
If you aren’t comfortable with a certain person’s actions be honest about it and tell them that you don’t like their posts and support your answer with a reason. They might just appreciate the honesty and stop annoying you from further on. Efficient communication always does the trick.

2. Look out for Signs
You will know that you’re being stalked on Facebook if your wall is bombarded with comments, messages and links to certain sites or Farmville gifts! Understand that the motives of these entire requests are all intentional and not just done out of the blue. Be attentive and look out for certain signs.

3. Use your sixth sense
Is the person chatting with you every time you’re online, spamming your inbox, always commenting and liking all your posts and pictures and is barely leaving you alone? Voila you just figured out who the stalker really is. It is natural for your response to range anywhere from irritation and frustration to finding it unpleasant, difficult to deal with, and overwhelming, chances are they aren’t going to quit harassing you anytime soon, so stop taking it for granted.

4. Shout out
Realize that there could be a possibility that this person doesn’t really understand that what he or she is doing is to tick you off. Best way to deal with it is to use the gift of communication and reason before jumping into conclusions. Try not to welcome unnecessary drama into your life because you reacted rudely to the other person or misjudged their motives, you will only land up making an ass of yourself.

5. Take action
There are two simple ways of dealing with a stalker. The first solution is warning them to not do it and if the action persists opt for the second alternative. The second alternative is either to simply block them and if they persist using other methods, report them to facebook, inform your family members and seek assistance from a cyber cell near you.

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