10 tips on how to be hotter

The term ‘Hot’ combines attractiveness and physical attraction.

The keyword to being hot is SELF CONFIDENCE.

When you master this part of the task, which in most cases can’t be mastered the whole life (hopefully not yours) you can proceed with taking care of the easier parts, that is, your physical appearance.

  • First of all DO NOT OVERDO!

With you makeup, fragrance, deodorant, hairdo, clothing and footwear but even talking, posture, laughing, eating and drinking.

Remember that your intention is to look attractive, not weird, hilarious or even repulsive.


  • Emphasize tastefully you physical attributes
  • Wisely cover your flaws

It’s important that you are comfortable in your skin. Showing your body by being seductive is what you need to do.

  • Be fit
  • Maintain straight posture

You surely don’t want to look like a question mark when entering the restaurant where your date awaits you. Still do not exaggerate in straight posture; it will make you look like you ate a broomstick. Walk naturally and with light and relaxed moves. Being in good physical condition will greatly improve your good posture.

  • Be fresh and clean

This tip doesn’t really need an explanation…does it?

Brush and floss your teeth, take a shower and wash your hair, trim your fingernails, put some deodorant on and fragrance as well, also if you are a woman put some make up on. Other than appropriate make up and clothes in which you look well and feel comfortable it’s very important to have an appropriate haircut and hairstyle for your face-shape.


Here are the still actual and valid 1940s makeup and hair tricks:

  • Try to add a mysterious, seductive, cool, mature, little edgy, rebellious and also innocent look and smile with confidence.
  • Enjoy yourself, don’t be nervous and play hard to get.
  • Eye contact is the best way to increase physical and sexual attraction and awake interest in the person you like. Women prefer a secure and strong eye contact while men also like subtle eye contacts from shy girls.
  • Last but not least the art of touching; subtle and not too frequent touches will enhance attractiveness.


Here is all you need to know on how to be hotter, now it’s time for you to practice and enjoy!













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